Board and Staff

Arnie Rothschild, Chairman*
Richard Kaplan, Vice Chairman of Finance*
Philip J. Puchalski, Vice Chairman of Education*
Bill Sullivan, Treasurer*
Lydia Boddie-Rice, Secretary*

Michael Cooper*
James D. Brown
Darcy Garbin
Mike Gurowski
Frank Hagelberg*
Michael Haymes
Don Jeffries
Miguel Llano
John Magee
Ardis Mangione-Lindley
Robert Mann
Steve Martin*
Janelle Plumb
Robert Porretti
I.C. Shah
Eric Smith
Phil Smith
Mary Wilmot

*Indicates Executive Committee Members

Arnie Rothschild, Acting CEO
John C. Parkhurst, Chief Operating Officer
Linda Glosser, Executive Vice President 

Francine N. Brokaw, Vice President of Finance
Erin Ball, Accounting Assistant & Grant Coordinator

Jessica Ripple, Manager of Marketing Services
Sarah Hudson, Marketing Assistant
     & Group Sales Coordinator
Correna Keatley, Marketing Assistant
Erin T. Tavernia, Box Office Manager
Brittany Weinrich, Assistant Box Office Manager
     & Volunteer Coordinator
Shane Dentinger, Patron Services
     & Concessions Coordinator
Christan Monin, Patron Services Representative

Annette Ramos, Associate Director of Education
     & Community Engagement
Holly Valentine, Associate Director of Education
     & Community Engagement

Andy Parkhurst, Operations Coordinator
Fred Shank, Venue Coordinator
Brian Bell, House Manager
Karen Dwyer, House Manager
Wayne Lee, House Manager
John Schuler, House Manager
Wayne Olshark, House Manager
Steve Hemmingway, Security Staff
Matt Klim, Security Staff

Gary Zaccaria, Steward
Jason O’Hara, Carpenter
Wayne Budd, Props
Peter Grills, Sound
Don Dear Jr., Electrical
Michael O’Hara, Rigger
Anne Bowes, Wardrobe